• Horizontal Impregnating and Coating Line

    The horizontal impregnating and coating line is used for producing overlays and melamine impregnated paper for LPL/HPL and fortified floor. It can also manufacture concrete shuttering board overlays (PSF).

  • Impregnating and Coating Line for Automotive Filter Paper

    The filter paper coating line is used to produce phenolic resin impregnated paper which is used for automotive industry. It is an efficient and energy saving line to manufacture filter paper.

  • Vertical Impregnating and Coating Line

    The large scale vertical impregnating and coating line is a professional equipment to produce base materials of CCL. It is one of the key equipment to manufacture CCL with high quality.

  • Adhesive Tape, Metal Foil Coating and Drying Line

    The adhesive tape, metal foil coating and drying line produces adhesive tape products and coating metal foils which are used to manufacture CCL and other metal-covered boards.

IMACO is a professional researching and manufacturing company in the scope of impregnating and coating. IMACO does its best all the years to offer the developed process and line for production of HPL-CPL-LPL, flooring laminates, copper clad laminates, isolation base materials, automobile filter paper and shuttering boards. IMACO is a professional manufacturer toward globalization with the principle of "Technology to create infinite possibility", that enable cus-tomers to improve productivity and energy efficiency while lowering environmental impact.
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