Energy Crisis
The growing economy is facing a serious conflict with the resources. To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we must reduce global carbon emissions by 50 percent or more before 2050, which has already become a global consensus. However, the global energy demand is increasing with the high development of economy at the same time.

Sustainable Development
With the increasing acute global energy crisis, we should use renewable energy and environment friendly energy. But most importantly, we will increase the efficiency of energy utilization and realize energy sustainable development all over the world.

IMACO in Action
IMACO has been trying to raise machinery efficiency. The impregnation line with heat recovery helps clients achieve their objective “higher efficiency and lower energy consumption” and make the decisions that are so vital for sustainable development.
IMACO’s environment technology can treat major pollutants produced in the production of impregnating and coating line, creating safety production environment for clients.
IMACO is working on new impregnation technology. Future impregnating and coating line will realize intelligent and clean production with the convergence of cross subject technique.
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